Widespread Promotions on mass Media Targeting All Beauty and Fitness Gurus

Multimedia Channels

Launching various promotional campaigns in different forms, such as newspapers, magazines, Tv, ranging escalator crowns, billboards, etc., especially at high traffic locations to gain exclusive media coverage and to ingrain the public.


Magazines - More


Percival Street, Causeway Bay

Complimentary Tickets

Closely liaise with popular female targeted magazines, websites, beauty salons, beauty-shaping centers, gyms, banks, department stores, beauty & makeup schools, well-known fashion brands and many more, to issue over 100,000 complimentary tickets. Besides, the Organizer widely distributes invitations to beauty and fitness organiztions, to convey the latest news to target consumers, especially the female pools who possess high purchasing power.

Intensive Online Promotion

Pre-show eDM will be sent to iBeauty Club members. Updated exhibitor promotional information will be posted on our online plattforms, such as Organizer Website, Facebook page, Instagram and other external websites including popular beauty-related forums to establish a connection chance with potential customers.

Other Forms of Media Promotion

Press release and conference information will be sent to media regularly to ensure public exposure.

Joint promotion Program

Unique made-to-measure promotion plan for individual exhibitors!

To upsurge media exposure during exhibition time by extensive promotional methods for your product and service. Never let pass this remarkable opportunity to enhance brand image and increase market penetration!

Diversified Advertising

  • Entrance light-box ads
  • Backdrop ads
  • Banner ads
  • Special and feature ads
  • Ads on invitation cards
  • Ads on show guide and coupons

Exclusive Sponsorship Program

  • Title sponsorship
  • Prominent prime sponsorship
  • On-site theme sponsorship

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Copyright © 2024 Hongkong-Asia Exhibition (Holdings) Ltd.

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